Put on a wristband

Last week on a warm, sunny morning, I rode my bike into downtown GR.  My house is just a few miles from downtown, so the commute was short & easy.   After securing my bike to a rack outside of a landmark bar, I  put on one of those paper wristbands that allowed me to attend the TEDxGrandRapids event.  Then, it was onto a day full of listening to talks from a diverse set of speakers from around the country.  It was stimulating, provoking & motivating.  And, I felt beat by the end of day.  Overall, that’s what any TED event should be like!


However, when I think back on the day, there was a lot more going on than just listening.  My wristband was busy note-taking & applauding.  My wristband was propped under my chin as I listened closely to some unexpected messages. The wristband shook some new hands, ate lots of local food, and exchanged biz cards of new connections.  It also held a craft beer at the end of the day, then clutched my bike’s handlebars during a brief rain shower on the ride home.  Wow……that wristband covered a lot of ground!

As I finally cut off the wristband, I started thinking about ways to re-create the energy & interest from the TEDx event, in everyday ways.  Things like attending a local lecture.  A local musical performance.  Reading articles from media sources that you usually don’t read.  Starting a conversation with a stranger.  Reading a poem.  These are all accessible, free opportunities that can engage your mind in the same way a TED event does.

So, imagine putting on your own wristband & experiencing some TED moments, in your own way.  


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